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Sondrio and Valtellina

the heart of the Alps

One of the most picturesque provincial capitals in the entire Alpine arc, Sondrio is a small town in Valtellina that has always been a tourist destination for lovers of nature and tranquillity.

Valtellina Vacanze is located here.

Discover it with us!

Valtellina Vacanze Sondrio Alpi Montagna

not to be missed

Valtellina Vacanze Sondrio Alpi Montagna Parco Natura Adda


Valtellina Vacanze Sondrio Sport Sentiero Alpi Montagna

Valtellina path

Valtellina Vacanze Sondrio Castello Masegra Alpi Montagna


Valtellina Vacanze Sondrio Alpi Ponte Cassandre Montagna

bridge over the cassandrE

Valtellina Vacanze Sondrio Museo MUSA Arte Alpi Montagna


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your holiday in the heart of the Alps

Via Adda, 2

23100 Sondrio ITALY

+39 335 1493178

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